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Developing and financing green energy sharing projects in the Benelux and France.


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Who we are

We’re the ideal partner for energy sharing

RaYSun is convinced that energy sharing is essential to achieving energy autonomy through agile, decentralised installations.

Our mission is to transform existing areas of land into renewable energy sources, enabling everyone to benefit from green energy. Our innovative solutions support the transition to cleaner energy that is accessible to all.

Energy sharing


Environmental and social responsibility

Key figures

Production and use of green energy

  • Solar panels 100% 100%
  • Charging station 8% 8%
  • Heating network 1% 1%

What we do

We build and manage low-carbon energy systems

360° management

From the financing of installations to operational management and maintenance, RaYSun provides its expertise to ensure the success of your projects.

Smart management

By combining renewable energy production technologies with smart management solutions, RaYSun enables businesses to maximise the use of their green electricity production, whether for on-site use, injection into the grid or resale on electricity markets.


    • $Financing energy-sharing facilities
    • $Participatory financing

    Project management

    • $Preliminary analysis: feasibility study, technical analysis and financial plans
    • $Installation and commissioning of your energy production units

    Energy sharing management

    • $Development of energy communities (management of procedures with the various authorities, administrative management, drafting of contracts, etc.)
    • $Accounting and financial management of your self-consumption and/or energy sharing.
    • $Management of the plant's operation, maintenance and insurance to ensure your peace of mind.


    • $Advice on planning and implementing renewable energy communities.
    • $Business case analysis.
    • $Assistance with legal compliance.

        Our mission and values

        “Green energy. For all”


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        Alexy Fabre Raysun

        Alexis Fabre

        Co-Founder / Administrator

        Has been working in the renewable energy sector for 15 years

        Alexy Fabre Raysun

        Eric Rwamucyo

        Co-Founder / CEO

        Started out as a business lawyer before serving as a legal consultant in the areas of real estate and energy

        Gaétane Grégoire_CFO_RaYSun

        Gaétane Grégoire


        Financial expertise and sustainable commitment

        Max Boutsen Raysun

        Max Boutsen


        Born entrepreneur and sustainability expert

        Alexy Fabre Raysun

        Romain Leroy

        Project Manager

        Passionate advocate for renewable energy and sustainable innovation

        Alexy Fabre Raysun

        Stephanie Fahsbender

        Finance Manager

        Combining the power of finance to promote sustainable development

        Mathis Roussel

        Mathis Roussel

        Project Engineer

        Passionate about the world of technology and energy transition

        Alexy Fabre Raysun

        Coralie Jacquemin

        Communication Manager

        Communication professional willing to contribute to a greener world