Flexibility, the key to a smarter and more economical consumption

12 January 2024

In a previous article we discussed energy sharing as part of the solution to reducing grid saturation due to changes in our electricity consumption, particularly in the mobility and heating sectors.   

An approach that also benefits consumers, who not only benefit from local and green energy, but also see a reduction in their bills. 


Innovative solutions allow us to deepen this commitment to the network and to the consumer. One such solution is flexibility. Flexibility means using electricity at times when it is cheapest. It makes it possible to optimise electricity production according to demand. In concrete terms, this means that it would be cheaper for a consumer to run their dishwasher and washing machine around midday (when the sun is shining) rather than during the evening peak hours. This flexibility gives them control over their consumption and therefore their bill. 

A benefit for consumers and the grid 

The Elia Group has recently published a new study, “The Power of Flex”, which shows that this flexible approach to electricity consumption can indeed be beneficial for both consumers and the electricity system. 

The study also identifies three key actions to make flexibility accessible: 

  • Providing consumers with access to financial incentives; 
  • Enabling seamless data access for energy service providers; 
  • Introducing flex-ready devices.

Flexibility in Belgium, where are we ? 

Flexibility is emerging as a promising solution to change our approach to electricity consumption, with benefits for both consumers and the grid. 

As Belgium explores these possibilities, the prospect of charging electric vehicles or using electric appliances at the most convenient times is becoming more tangible. 

At RaYSun, we are actively working to develop services that make flexibility economically accessible. This approach paves the way for a more efficient and equitable energy future, giving consumers more control while contributing to the stability and sustainability of the grid. Achieving RaYSun’s vision of a fair energy transition requires a paradigm shift, not only among consumers, but also among the distribution and transport network managers who play a key role in this transformation. 

If you would like to receive more information, feel free to contact us!

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